Santa Claus House

Arco San Pietro, 4 - 70122 Bari (BA)
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Santa Claus House

Babbo Natale è l'appartamento più centrale di Bari per chi viaggia con un budget! It offre connessione internet gratuita, home cinema e la colazione!

Informazioni sulla struttura

Santa Natale comprende tre strutture, all'interno dell'arco principale e tipico della Bari antica, ognuno di gran lunga a pochi metri dal others.

The primo è di Don Vito Trulli, davanti a San Pietro Arch, ad Arco San Pietro 4, costruito seguendo la tipica struttura architettonica di trulli di Alberobello, che 'Sleep & Go' offerte soluzione per i viaggiatori su un bilancio, proponendo a tutti coloro che hanno bisogno di alloggio e prima colazione, la possibilità di utilizzare il servizio. Al di Don Vito Trulli ostello non negare a nessuno la possibilità di rinfrescare e rilassarsi in qualsiasi momento. Non si può lasciare sfuggire. Al Trulli di don Vito si avrà anche accesso gratuito a internet e home cinema.

The seconda struttura è il Freddy casa, in nome di Freddy Mercury, il leader dei Queen, che venticinque anni fa a Bari ha giocato nel teatro di Petruzzelli, uno dei teatri più importanti d'Italia. di
In Freddy... Leggi tutto


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Santa Claus House


we had a rservation (Number 2175613) and went to the appartment at arco san pietro, which we know from last the arrival time nobody was there and so we phoned.the man from your stuff quickly arrived, but he did not know from our reservation. the appartement was occupied. the boy was very helpful to find another room. but we were disappointed.

  • Jürg (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


The room i rented was doublebooked, which is why I got a room in another hostel that belonged to the same management. The room was disgustingly dirty, there was rubbish in the room, there was so much hair in the plug hole of the bath tub that water could not flow off and there were no towels.

  • Christian (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


Be carefull! They have many falats in the town (old and new). If you reserv a room in the old town, it's not sure that you will spent your holiday there. One of us paid a single room in the old town and 1 night later he had to move to new town a very disguisting room because 2 people will come that room.
He paid more than 500€!!!!! It's crazy!!!

  • Miklós (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


I made a reserve during the spring, in order to settle in - in the middle of august. The room i reserved was a flat for 4 persons, with kitchen and separate beds, situated in the old city centre. It costed me 50 euros to make a reserve. When I called their contact phone, their employee was rude and unpolite and didn't attend me well. After all of this, when I finally arrived, i was given ANOTHER room, it was not the house i wanted, it looked very old and pathetic, and it had none of what i wanted, and also there was NO kitchen. Believe me, the place looked horrible and i left soon. I would not recommend anyone to use this service and my advice is to look for another hostel.

  • Evgeniy (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


Have you ever heard about someone who has a hostel, gives you his mobile phone number to call and doesn't read sms you sent? Or someone who says he picks you up from the airport and doesn't do that? Or a hostel that charges you 5 Euro extra for check-in after 10 pm? Or a hostel worker whose English and Italian are so terrible you can't understand a thing? HAVE YOU SEEN A HOSTEL THAT MENTIONS ONE ADDRESS AND DIRECTIONS AND HAS 3 BUILDINGS IN 3 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS? Welcome to Santa Claus! TO BE AVOIDED!!!

  • Joanna (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


This hostel was strange; We arrived and had to ring the reception for him to let us in. then he told us we had to leave for 5 hours for "cleaning" wi=hich was horrible as we had travelled all night to be there and needed sleep. There was no atmosphere. it was boring and we were glad to leave. It was clean though.

  • Kelly (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


Good hostel for backpackers. Clean rooms and confortable beds. Bathroom moist but clean. many mosquitos. Be carefull, there is many thieves on the beach. We've been robbed on the Pomodoro E Pan beach. The receptionist is helpfull in dark moment.

  • Stéphanie (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


Horrible place. They LIE in the website. They charge you more and they don't have Internet free. You have to pay 2,50 for 30 min!! the receptionist can't speak decent english and it's very rude. Everyone in Bari (specially tourist info) knows about of bad are they. The breakfast is one cheap Corneto, instant cofe, Milk (not cold, natural) and the worst cereal that I taste in my life! very very bad experience. The place is dangerous if you try to go to the 6 bed room in the top.

  • Fausto (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


Good position, but it's confusing that it is a just a room, which isn't included in a hostel. Size and furnishing was okay, but the shuttle service to the airport was not aivalable for us, the aircondition was very expensive (10 euro per day), breakfast included means milk and cornflakes and this was a bit disappointing.

  • Guido (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


The Indian guy who is organising the rooms, doesn't speak much english..They charged me 25 euros/night, but the other guys how just came had to pay 18 !! I told to the indian, but he didn't give a shit about that..The breakfast that they call "breakfast" is a piece of disgusting baguett...I highly do NOT recommend that place...Pay 1-2 euros extra and you'll get way better place..

  • Akos (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


Arrogant staff. There were people coming into the room to do the laundry and our room was used as warehouse. There is deadline hour for coming back in the room, which is 1:00. You can't be in the room from 10:00 to 17:00. The location shown on the site is totally different from the reality. Do not deserved the money

  • Diana (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


on a first view it seems not safety, but there no problems in fact. you must signed a paper with a lot of penalties :(

  • Mikhail (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


Its a very good located hostel, near to everything. We had spent 7 wonderful days there.It was calm and comfortable with three children. Thanks for the staff and the owner! We recomend the hostel and the town to visit.

  • Zoltan (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


great hostel, clean and super position in town!

  • Norman (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


Our stay at this hostel was terrible. First of all they screwed up our reservation and made it for one person instead of 2. We were forced to share one small bunk that happened to have bed bugs. The only redeeming factor is that it is close to the port.

  • David (hostelsclub)

Santa Claus House


The building is so charming and has a terrace with an unforgettable view over the city. The room was spacious and furnished with private kitchen, bathroom and TV. The hostel staff is really responsive.

  • Antonio (hostelsclub)

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Santa Claus House
+39 3381744695
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we had a rservation (Number 2175613) and went to the appartment at arco san pietro, which we know from last the arrival time nobody was there and so we phoned.the man from your stuff quickly arrived, but he did not know from our reservation. the appartement was occupied. the boy was very helpful to find another room. but we were disappointed.

  • 8 ottobre 2015

  • Jürg (hostelsclub)

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» Wireless Gratis

» Cassetta di sicurezza

» Colazione (incluso)

» Aria condizionata

» Ritiro presso l'aeroporto (incluso)

» Cucina comune

» Bagno in camera

» TV in camera

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