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La Pescheria Backpackers

Calle Dei Botteri 1699 San Polo - 30125 Venice (VE)
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La Pescheria Backpackers


Just two minutes from Rialto Bridge, one of only three which cross the Grand Canal, you are within easy walking distance of many of Venice's most popular attractions as well as dozens of wonderful bars, cafes and restaurants.

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It's hard to imagine a better location from which to explore Venice!

We will do our best to make your stay wonderfull!
Free Coffee and Tea all Day!

A small, quaint establishment in a five hundred year old building, The B&B split in two buildings La Pescheria Backpackers is located in the heart of one of Italy's most beautiful cities.

CITY TAX (effective from 24th August, 2011 and not included in Hotel Rates)

High Season : 1,50 Euros per person per night

Low Season : 0,75 Euros per person per night

(kids under 10 years old are tax free)

(boys/girls between 11 and 16 years old only pay 50% of the tax)

we have new private rooms are very charming and comfortable, with all the modern conveniences one could ask for. For your unforgettable romantic and charming nights in Venice we offer you the atmosphere that you looking for .


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La Pescheria Backpackers


We were staying on the top floor so we never had internet. The toilets were not clean and there was no toilet paper.

The location is ok around 10 min walk to Rialto Bridge and 20-25 min to San Marco

  • Ezgi (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


Location is perfect! And building have special sence of old Venice. Our dorm was exactly under the roof. It added something special to our staying in that magnificente city!

  • Ekaterina (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


A pretty disgusting place. The floors are dirty, the bathroom and kitchen are dirty.Hopefully the beds were kind of ok. The staff is nearly rude, not smiling, not helping. there are no lockers. They say there is wifi but it actually only works in the small common room. They say there is free tea and coffe I call it bullshit cause all there is is a boiler, you'll have to bring your own tea/coffee. The kitchen has not even the minimum necessary stuff to cook, or eat. No microwave. The kitchen is closed at random times (like one day the door was locked, the staff didn't have the keys, so I couldn't go get my food in the fridge..). Some said that there were bedbugs. It's a terrible place to stay!

  • Ilaria (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


The guy on the reception was so nasty. And from day 1 he tried to charge us more than what it corresponded. Not helpful at all. And even spoke in a bad way to us. The rest was fine, not great. Just the location is really good. They did not clean the table in the whole three days we were there.

  • abril (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


There is no wifi in the rooms, the beds are absolutely horrible, and the shower was clogged so the entire bathroom floor was always wet. The location is great and it was the cheapest hostel I could find in Venice but I don't think I would stay here again or recommend anyone else to. The worker at the desk at night was very helpful but the one in the daytime made me feel uncomfortable.

  • Lisa (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


Handy position, very kind staff. Not renewed inside, not particularly beautiful nor attractive, but definitely cheap, given the strategical position, if you're on a budget. Up to your preferences...

  • Alessio (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


The cheaper option I found to stay in the city. It isn't luxury but ideal for having a place to sleep.

  • Ingrid Yamile (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


Really friendly and helpful staff, great location.

  • Veselina (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


it is bit hot in the room, cannot lock the room from inside, no Internet in the room, not sure it was mosquito or maybe some unknown small bug in the bed, which broke out rash both in my legs and arms, so itchy for many days!

  • yishan (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


no wifi

  • Jingyue (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


Is an okay hostel if you only want to sleep there. The wifi only works in the reception, kitchen was practically useless (don't think about cooking there).

  • Jessie (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


OK but the sink in the bathroom was blocked when we arrived and still blocked 3 days later when we left

  • graeme (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


Bathrooms were not cleaned after 2 days, they still remain dirty, with hairs everywhere in the shower, toilets dirty, no toilet paper. I have not seen cleaning staff anywhere in the hostel. Kitchen very dirty as well.

  • Paula (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


Wifi is only in one room. Kitchen needs renovations.

  • Etienne (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


It smelled like corps in the room... We had to open the window... It was icy...
The kitchen is not usable and there is no bin either

  • Nina (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


Perfect for a few nights, great to discover the city!

  • Julia (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


The staff was unfriendly, the room was dirty and cold. Virtually no amenities. The shower was gross. It is not as close to the Rialto Bridge as it says. I would not recommend staying here.

  • Cara (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


Nobody to welcome and guide to the room, shower curtain dirty and without lock at the bathroom...
Well situated.

  • Gendrault (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


It's a very good location at very good price in comparassion to other places around.

  • Fernando (hostelsclub)

La Pescheria Backpackers


The fridge barely works and I couldn't seem to get the stove to work either. One of the nights the heaters weren't turned on and I wasn't able to find anyone to turn them on. It was expensive for what I got.

  • Miss (hostelsclub)

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We were staying on the top floor so we never had internet. The toilets were not clean and there was no toilet paper.

The location is ok around 10 min walk to Rialto Bridge and 20-25 min to San Marco

  • 16 May 2017

  • Ezgi (hostelsclub)

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