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Roma Inn 2000

Via Agostino Depretis 65 Int., 12 - ---- Rome (RM)
Telephone: +39 064740378 - Web site: not available
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 Roma Inn 2000

**NOTE:Minimum booking are 2 nights Roma Inn 2000 is situated in the historic center of Rome on Viminale Hill.

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It is one of the most elegant and famous areas in town. From Roma Termini you can reach the hotel walking distance 7min.. It is possible to visit the main monuments, such as, the Colosseum, Forum Romanum, Piazza Venezia (walking distance 7min.), the Spanish Steps, Fontana di Trevi (walking distance 8 min.) , Basilic S. Maria Maggiore (which can be seen out of the window), Via Veneto, Via Nazionale,Via del Corso (for shopping, walking distance 5 min), etc. It is also well conected to St. Peter's Square and the Vatican Museums (by bus 10 min.)
Our check in is from 8:00 am until 23.00 pm


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Roma Inn 2000


Doesnt offer breakfast and Charges you to leave your bags after check out. doesnt have kitchen or dining room so you only have your bedroom to stay. Is nice but a little expensive for what it offers.

  • veronica (hostelsclub)

Roma Inn 2000


Un'ottima sistemazione pratica ed economica nel cuore di Roma. Molta gentilezza e calore da parte dello Staff. Ambiente famigliare e cosmopolita grazie alla presenza di viaggiatori da ogni parte del mondo. Vicinissimo a Roma Termini.

  • Tea (hostelsclub)

Roma Inn 2000


Adatto a ragazzi che non si fanno problemi. ...a condividere le camere e bagni.. I proprietari molto disponibili..e gentili... Camere pulite....bhe visto il prezzo ci si accontenta

  • Alberto (hostelsclub)

Roma Inn 2000


I would not go here again. There were bed bugs and the owner was a bit weird. It did't have a kitchen, the bed were uncomfortable and there were not even table in the room on wich you could eat. Bathrooms were nice and roomy, but all and all I didn't feel comfortable there.

  • Veera (hostelsclub)

Roma Inn 2000


We stayed there for 4 nights - it was a good experience. I liked the big bathroom. The room was small and was full (7 people) so it felt crowded, but I expected that so it was perfectly fine. I had my earplugs and the thing you put on eyes to block light, so I have no complaints. Overall, a good experience!!

  • Dagmara (hostelsclub)

Roma Inn 2000


super position(very near to Termini),good price for Rome..it s small place so dont think about to meet new and new people..but if you look for cheap-clean place at the center,just go on:)

  • ibrahim rahman (hostelsclub)

Roma Inn 2000


They have an amazing free breakfast. Enzo and the staff are ultra helpful. Great deal overall, would definitely stay again. Not a place of high partying but great central location.

  • Noah (hostelsclub)

Roma Inn 2000


Posizione ottimale, vista la vicinanza con la stazione Termini. Struttura molto vecchia, infissi pessimi, caldo afoso d'estate (assenza di aria condizionata). Camere miste con "9" posti letto. Assenza quasi totale di optionals-comforts.

  • Francesco (hostelsclub)

Roma Inn 2000


Nice location, owner not very sociable, basically just a room. In cold weather the place is freezing with little heat.

  • Gary (hostelsclub)

Roma Inn 2000


me and my friend lived on two different hostels when we were in rome and this one was definitely the best one. it´s cheap, clean, good position och the staff is nice. but its a very small hostel and to use internet and such things is quite expensive.

  • sofie (hostelsclub)

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Doesnt offer breakfast and Charges you to leave your bags after check out. doesnt have kitchen or dining room so you only have your bedroom to stay. Is nice but a little expensive for what it offers.

  • 16 October 2015

  • veronica (hostelsclub)


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