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venetian hostel

(city center)

Hostels - Via santo stefano superiore 33 - monselice (padova)

L'ostello è situato nel cuore della città, in un edificio cinquecentesco realizzato dalla famiglia patrizia dei Tassello ed ora proprietà del comune di Monselice.Restituito all'antica bellezza da un recente restauro, dispone... More »

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Venetian Hostel

(∼0,4 km from city center)

Hostels - Via Santo Stefano 35043 - Monselice (PD)

L’ostello è situato nel cuore della città di Monselice , in un edificio cinquecentesco realizzato dalla famiglia patrizia dei Tassello ed ora proprietà del Comune di Monselice. More »

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Casa a Colori Padova

Padova (∼20,0 km from Monselice)

Bed and Breakfasts - Via Del Commissario 42 - Padova (PD)

Casa a Colori, in the south-east part of the city of Padua, is an excellent solution for those who are looking for a cheap accomodation in Padova! More »

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CTG Ostello di PADOVA

Padova (∼21,2 km from Monselice)

Hostels - Via Aleardo Aleardi n 30 - Padova (PD)

Our Hostel is located in Padua City Center!! Sant'Antonio Church and all monuments are within a walking distance!!In o hostel Padua you will find a friendly and multilingual staff to welcome you! More »

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Villa Giulietta

Venice (∼33,3 km from Monselice)

»Hotel **** - Via Riviera del Brenta, 169 - Fiesso d'Artico - Venezia Riviera del Brenta

Villa Giulietta is a four-star hotel, decorated in a contemporary style with a sophisticated and modern design. It is located in the heart of the Riviera del Brenta, in an area famous worldwide for its beautiful Venetian Villas, the natural landscapes, th... More »

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BnB Poeta

Este (∼8,1 km from Monselice)

Bed and Breakfasts - Via Prosdocimi 14 - Este (PD)

In ESTE, 30km from PADUA Veneto region, comfortable house.Quiet and nice area. Possibility to car park in the nice garden where is possible to stay for relax. More »

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Loft Padova BnB

Padova (∼23,0 km from Monselice)

Bed and Breakfasts - Via Eremitano 12 - Padova (PD)

Newly renovated, Loft Padova Bed&Breakfast is only a few minutes away from the central area of Padua, and within walking distance from museums, theaters, churches and trendy shopping streets. More »

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Piccolo Hotel Vittoria

Padova (∼21,0 km from Monselice)

»Hotel **** - Via Della Provvidenza 6, Sarmeola di Rubano - Padova (PD)

The hotel have been comletly renewd on october 2007, it'slocated near the historical centre of Padova in Rubano, and the most interesting locations like the Basilica di Sant’Antonio, the Cappella degli Scrovegni, the Caffè Pedrocchi, Pra... More »

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Rocca degli Alberi

Montagnana (∼26,4 km from Monselice)

Hostels - Via Matteotti 104 - Padua - Montagnana (PD)

The International Hostelling “ROCCA DEGLI ALBERI” which is inside the middle age fortress, and where everything was specifically designed for a glorious stay in a great and fascinating atmosphere, attending all the comfort and rest requirements. More »

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Ostello di BAONE / Hostel Baone

Baone (∼6,6 km from Monselice)

Hostels - Via Donna Daria 2 - Baone (PD)

The hostel is located within the Regional Park of Colli Euganei, in one of its most suggestive spots. There are numerous possibilities of excursions to the surrounding hills, and Arquà Petrarca (2 km.), also the walled cities of Monselice, Este, Mo... More »

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