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YHA Ostello di LOVERE

Via G. paglia, 70 - 24065 Lovere (BG)
Telephone: +39 035983529 - Web site: not available
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YHA Ostello di LOVERE

Reception (opening time): 15:30-22:00 The Harbour Youth Hostel (Ostello del Porto) of Lovere (Bergamo) is situated on the Iseo Lake, serving as a strategic point to discover nature and culture in a land a little touched by mass tourism.

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The hostel welcomes groups and families with private internal service, and all rooms are overlooking the lake.

Lovere provides the entrance point into the Camonica Valley, the territory famous for the prehistoric Rock Incision of ten thousand years ago, which UNESCO has included in the list of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is possible to visit the National Park of Capodiponte and the Regional Reserve of Ceto. Cimbergo and Paspardo: precious didactict instruments for schools. Towards the south at the centre of Iseo Lake there are three islands: S. Paolo, Loreto and Montisola, the biggest lakeisland of Europe, which can be reached by frequent ferry by day and by night, it offers an enchanting opportunity for night cruises.

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YHA Ostello di LOVERE


Sono stato bene, mi dispiace solo che di pomeriggio chiude un paio d ore , non lo sapevo ed ho dovuto aspettare... che aprisse

  • alessandro (hostelsclub)

YHA Ostello di LOVERE


Tutto molto carino

  • Bianchi (hostelsclub)

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YHA Ostello di LOVERE
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Sono stato bene, mi dispiace solo che di pomeriggio chiude un paio d ore , non lo sapevo ed ho dovuto aspettare... che aprisse

  • 29 July 2010

  • alessandro (hostelsclub)


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