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Hotel Palacavicchi

Ciampino (∼23,5 km from Zagarolo)

»Hotel *** - Via di Ciampino 70 - Ciampino (RM)

From congress to banquet.... plunging into the sharm of the nearby 'Parco dell'Appia Antica', enchantment of eyes and of memory carried by centuries in an instant from the past to the present; short way from the Ciampino airport and the Cas... Follow »

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42,00 €

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Hotel Roma Sud

Frascati (∼16,5 km from Zagarolo)

»Hotel *** - Via di Vermicino 52 - Frascati (RM)

We have 57 rooms between double and triple. the structure is all on one level. Follow »

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65,00 €

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