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Borgo Saraceno

(∼12,0 km from city center)

»Hotel **** - Località San Pasquale - Santa Teresa Gallura (OT)

Borgo Saraceno Hotel Residence & Spa is situated in a strategic location near the village of San Pasquale, about 200 meters above sea level. Follow »

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La Vecchia Fonte

Palau (∼19,8 km from Santa Teresa Gallura)

»Hotel **** - VIA FONTE VECCHIA 48 - Palau (OT)

The hotel consists of 34 rooms and 2 suites, placed on three floors - CLASSIC ROOM: all the rooms are wide and bright, with a balcony or a terrace and fully equipped with ancient, simple yet embellished by handicraft carvings furniture. Follow »

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