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Artemisia Resort

(∼6,9 km from city center)

»Hotel *** - Via Enrico Caruso 13, - Ragusa (RG)

About the property Artemisia Resort is a nineteenth-century farmhouse recently restored highlighting the original structure peculiarities, both inside and outside. More »

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The following properties are located near Ragusa.

Agrihostel Aguglia

Noto (∼21,9 km from Ragusa)

»Hotel *** - Contrada Aguglia - Noto (SR)

The hotel enjoys a prime location in Noto Valley, close to the main historical, artistic and natural sites in South-Eastern Sicily: 7 kilometres from Palazzolo Acreide, 20 km from Noto and Cavagrande Nature Reserve, half hour's drive to Syracuse, R... More »

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