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Hotel Baia

(∼0,8 km from city center)

»Hotel **** - Via Carlo Pisacane 205 - Palinuro (SA)

Baia Hotel rises on a hill overlooking the sea, at short walking distance from the centre. The beautiful bay of Palinuro are represented by the blue, dark red, gold and green colours of our rooms. Follow »

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Hotel Torre Oliva

Policastro Bussentino (∼21,1 km from Palinuro)

»Hotel **** - Via Nazionale - Policastro Bussentino

A modern building surrounded by a park of olive trees by the sea, near the Cilento National Park with its natural beaches reachable only by sea, 3 km. by Policastro and 1500 meters by Scario. Follow »

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Hotel Leucosya

Casalvelino Scalo (∼20,6 km from Palinuro)

»Hotel **** - Via Donna Sabella 1 - Casalvelino Scalo (SA)

In Casal velino Marina , only 150 metres from the sea the hotel Leucosya rises. Its architecture can not go unnoticed. Follow »

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Villaggio Blue Marine

Marina di Camerota (∼8,1 km from Palinuro)

»Hotel **** - Via Sirene 44 - Marina di Camerota

In the heart of the National Park of Cilento Camapania, Italy, just a kilometre from the historic coastal town of Marina di Camerota you'll find our newly-built residential hotel and holiday village. Follow »

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