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Hotel Joli

(∼1,1 km from city center)

»Hotel *** - Via Michele Amari 11 - Palermo (PA)

In the heart of the most exuberant Palermo, an elegant liberty residence is converted to a hotel. Hotel Joli is a true jewel as far as hospitality is concerned, where rooms adorned with frescoes and the finest decor as well as the most modern services and... More »

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44,00 €

Double H Apartments

(∼1,2 km from city center)

»Hotel ** - Piazzale Ungheria 84 - Palermo (PA)

Double H Apartments is situated in the heart of the historic centre of Palermo, Sicily, close to the Politeama Theatre and the Massimo Opera House, the largest one in Italy. More »

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45,00 €

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