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Hotel Carmine

(∼0,6 km from city center)

»Hotel *** - Piazza Carmine 16 - Marsala (TP)

Hotel Carmine, was inaugurated in December 2005. It is the only one located in the historical centre of Marsala, next to the monastery “Convento del Carmine”, where painting exhibitions are held. Follow »

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diVino Hotel

Trapani (∼17,2 km from Marsala)

»Hotel *** - Via Marsala, 271 Rilievo - Trapani (TP)

Trapani has always been a point cross for past population and for modern good food and wine lovers. You will have a breathless panorama on Erice, Egadi islands, Trapani's salt pans and Marsala's salt pans, Mothia, San Vito lo Capo, Castellammare... Follow »

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