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Hotel Giovannina

(∼1,3 km from city center)

»Hotel * - Via Dante 113 - Venezia (VE)

Hotel Giovannina is a one star budget hotel ideally located near the train station of Venice - Mestre (2 minutes walking from the railway station). Follow »

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»Hotel **** - Via Romanziol 5/ 7 - Noventa Di Piave (VE)

Located in Noventa di Piavee about 10 km from Venice splendid, completely renovated late XIX century Villa surrounded by a lovely park, 4-star Hotel in a historic building with unusual comfort for its category. Follow »

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Hotel Primavera

Venezia Mestre (∼3,2 km from Mestre)

»Hotel ** - Via orlanda 5 Venezia Mestre - Venice Mestre (VE)

Hotel Primavera is located a few kilometres from the centre of Mestre and right by the translagoon bridge, it is only a 15 minutes drive from the motorways and from the airport, 10 minutes drive from the railway station and only 5 minutes bus ride from V... Follow »

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Hotel CaSa Linger Venice

Venice (∼11,7 km from Mestre)

»Hotel * - Salizada Sant' Antonin Castello 3541 - Venezia (VE)

FREE WI-FI- City Center! (01/02/2013) New Management, New Style!!!! Stay with us and we guarantee the best accommodation than ever. Follow »

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Nuova Locanda Belvedere

Venice (∼2,1 km from Mestre)

»Hotel * - Via Mezzacapo 1 - Venezia (VE)

FREE WI-FI!!!! Welcome to Nuova Locanda Belvedere ..New Managment ,New Style ,New Staff..Nuova Locanda Belvedere is a budget Hotel and Hostel. Follow »

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Hotel Iris

Venice (∼10,2 km from Mestre)

»Hotel ** - San Polo 2910/A - Venezia (VE)

Welcome to one of the most intimate and warmest hotel and hostels in Venice. Great Location in the middle of the City center, one minute from Frari's Church, 7 minutes walk from the train station, 5 minutes to Rialto bridge, and only 8 minutes to the... Follow »

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Hotel Minerva & Nettuno

Venice (∼9,5 km from Mestre)

»Hotel * - Lista di spagna 230 - Venezia (VE)

Hotel Minerva & Nettuno is a one star hotel in Venice, located near the train station (Santa Lucia) in a strategic location, where life never stops, where shops caffe and restaurants keep open until very late. Follow »

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Hotel Rigel

Venice (∼14,7 km from Mestre)

»Hotel *** - Via Dandolo 13 - Venezia (VE)

The hotel Rigel, built in the 60's, is situated on one of the most important islands of Venice. Its importance and uniqueness are due to being the only one facing the Adriatic Sea on one side and on the other the basin of St. Follow »

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»Hotel *** - Via Roma 2 - Noventa Di Piave (VE)

Splendid Art Deco style building located in Noventa Di Piave about 10 km from Venice, this three-star hotel has all the services of a higher category hotel in a XIX century building which has been completely renovated. Follow »

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Roy Hotel

Treviso (∼18,4 km from Mestre)

»Hotel *** - Via Cendon 16 - Treviso (TV)

Comfortable modern and functional hotel, equipped with all services. Rooms furnished with modern style, private bathroom with shower and toilet, hair dryer, heating / air conditionig, safe, telephone, TV, minibar, desk and internet connection. Follow »

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Locanda Ca' Foscari

Venice (∼10,2 km from Mestre)

»Hotel * - Calle della Frescada- Dorsoduro 3887/B - Venezia (VE)

The hotel is located between Campo Santa Tomà and Campo Santa Margherita, one of the most interesting areas of Venice.At 50 meters from the most famous Bars in Dorsoduro and Santa Croce Sestiere, restaurants and a lot of shops are in the area,the n... Follow »

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Venice Hotel Villa Dori

Venice (∼5,1 km from Mestre)

»Hotel *** - Via Colombara 213 Marghera - Ca' Sabbioni - Venezia (VE)

Just a 15 minutes ride by shuttle service from the historic heart of Venice and the Riviera del Brenta, 3 stars hotel Venice Hotel Villa Dori offers elegant rooms, inspired by the sumptuous Venetian Villas and palazzos, enhanced by superior comfort and se... Follow »

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Hotel La Pergola di Venezia

Venice (∼15,0 km from Mestre)

»Hotel ** - Via Cipro - Venezia (VE)

In the enchanting Venice, away from the hustle and bustle of tourists, a precious family hotel situated in a central and strategic position... Follow »

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»Hotel **** - Via Circonvallazione 109 - Venice Mestre (VE)

The Hotel Apogia Sirio Venice will make your stay in Venice an art city that is unique in the whole world an adsolutely memorable one, also through the variety of its comforts and its reliable and expert staff. Follow »

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Il Mercante Di Venezia

Venice (∼9,4 km from Mestre)

»Hotel *** - Calle della Misericordia, 379 Cannaregio - Venezia (VE)

The Hotel 'Il Mercante di Venezia' placed in the heart of Venice, 200 meters from the railway station and just five minutes from the air terminal Piazzale Roma. Follow »

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Ariel Silva

Venice (∼9,7 km from Mestre)

»Hotel * - Cannaregio 1391/A - Venezia (VE)

Ariel Silva Hotel, one star hotel , is located in the historical centre ofVenice, not far from the railways station, at 10 minutes from PiazzaleRoma and very close by to Casino. Follow »

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Hotel Pantalon

Venice (∼10,1 km from Mestre)

»Hotel *** - Dorsoduro 3941 - Venezia (VE)

The Hotel Pantalon is located in the heart of the old town center of Venice, in the art and culture district of Dorsoduro (with the Accademia di Belle Arti and the Università Ca' Foscari), the most exclusive in the city (where VIPs from all ov... Follow »

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Hotel dell'Opera

Venice (∼10,8 km from Mestre)

»Hotel *** - San Marco 2009 - Venezia (VE)

The Hotel dell’Opera welcomes its guests in elegant, refined spaces immersed in a warm and relaxing atmosphere, always with the service and comfort of the most prestigious 3-star hotels in Venice. Follow »

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Albergo Hotel San Gallo

Venice (∼11,0 km from Mestre)

»Hotel *** - SAN MARCO 1093/A - Venezia (VE)

Hotel San Gallo is a three star hotel located in a small characteristic campo (square), called San Gallo, very close to St Mark’s Square (50 metres). Follow »

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