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Cagliari Hostel Marina

(∼0,5 km from city center)

Hostels - Piazza San Sepolcro 2 - Cagliari (CA)

Hostel Marina is an amazing hostel in Cagliari. Our Hostel is an ancient building located in the very heart of the old city center surrounded by churches, museums, middle age towers. More »

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22,00 €

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Hostel Sardinia

Quartu Sant'Elena (∼8,0 km from Cagliari)

Hostels - Via Dante 35 - Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)

About us Recently built, Hostel Sardinia is a pet-friendly hostel that offers wide spaces for leisure and relaxation. The cozy interiors features vintage objects and recycled furniture. More »

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20,10 €

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